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About Us

JOB Security Services Inc. is a family-owned, local security agency serving the Colorado Springs area. Our military-trained crime prevention team abides by the highest level of morals and ethics. Contact us to arrange a schedule for our guards to watch over your property.

Protect & Serve

Meet the Owner

John Orvel Bilbrey (the J.O.B. of JOB Security Services Inc.) has more than 10 years of experience, including eight years spent in the United States Army. Now he is the head of his own security agency, leading a team of skilled guards who keep watch over businesses and homes.

We are very effective at reading the body language of a person. Our staff learned how to watch somebody without being noticed or suspected through training in the Army. This skill is essential for security services. Every aspect of our security work is done with highest level of professionalism, doing everything for the clients.

Involvement in Crime Prevention

JOB Security Services Inc. is an accredited member of Cop Logic as well as the Colorado Organizational Retail Crime Alliance (CoORCA). We visit CoORCA every month to share information via email and the Internet. This also allows us to stay up to date on current shoplifters, theft methods, and how to stop them. It helps us identify the major players in crime. We also work closely together with the District Attorney's Office and other state law enforcement, including the El Paso County Sheriff's Department and Colorado Springs Police Department. 

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